Science, Medicine, and Technology Portfolio

Below are examples of my coverage of special fields for lay readers. Writing is listed first. Click the links in this sentence to scroll to editing, inventing, or training.


I published my first article in a local newspaper when I was 14. It was about a solar eclipse. Although I intended to become an astronomer, I soon discovered that I enjoyed reading and writing about science more than doing it. As a science writer, I eventually branched out into zoology, botany, medicine, food, nutrition, manufacturing, crime, safety, psychology, and many other fieldssome of which are illustrated by these examples:


Following are some of the hundreds of pieces I wrote for DietPower’s website. I also created many interactive features, some of them listed under “Inventing,” below.



I’ve authored many pieces for famous signers. They usually ask their writers to remain anonymous, but one of my clients kindly made an exception:



Creating Articles

Here are a few of the hundreds of magazine articles written by freelance or staff writers under my direction. In some cases the idea originated with me; in others, with the author. In all cases I provided story advice, markups of the authors drafts, editing of later drafts, and other editorial support.

Editing Articles

Here are some of the articles that I chose for publication in my issues of Reader's Digest. Although other editors created them, I titled, blurbed, and top-edited them, as well as overseeing production of their artwork and layout. Each is selected to illustrate a different principle by which I work.



One of my missions is to make computers act as "intelligent agents," finding and delivering personalized information to their users. Four examples:


As an editor, a college teacher, and a consultant to corporations, I've taught thousands of people how to make their writing more effective. Here's one of my most useful tools: